About Me

Hello and Welcome!

I am Bonnie and welcome to my crazy creative life. I’m so glad you stopped by. I love being creative in my life and in my home. My passion as a life stylist has lead me to creating this blog. I am a proud mom of two beautiful and inspiring daughters, a wife to an amazing guy I met many moons ago, and a dog lover (we have 3). I love sitting at the waters edge and looking up at the sky. This brings me peace and calm.

My Story
It’s no secret, life is fleeting. And I wonder how I got here so fast. It seems like yesterday that my daughter graduated from high school, yet I found myself 4 extremely fast years later, sitting in this huge stadium watching her graduate from one of the top Universities. Where did the time go? Two weeks prior to that, my mom passed away. She was a constant complainer, never really a happy person. We had told her that some day something would really be wrong with her and we wouldn’t believe her. Well that day came. She was diagnosed with cancer and 18 days later she was gone.

It took losing my mom to cancer that made me stop and wonder where my life was going. I spent every day with her. Watching her struggle with death. During those 18 days in the hospital and then hospice, I began to look at my own life. How fast would it go from here? How will I be at the end of my life? Will I have regrets? Will I do all that I want to do? Will I be happy with all of it in the end?

I began to slow down and look at life differently. My surroundings, my hectic busy life and asking the tough questions, who, what, where and why. I began to write again. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it. I am also in the process of eliminating the clutter in our home. A minimalist I am not, but I’m striving to not hang on to things that don’t bring me joy.

Sometimes we have to make bold moves to enjoy the things around us. For me the beginning of this new found freedom was to remove the protective pad that had covered our beautiful cherry wood table for 20 years just so I could finally feel and appreciate the beauty in it. Since then, there have been some nicks to the perfect wood. And I’m ok with that. It reminds me that life isn’t perfect and that we need to enjoy all the beauty that lies before us.

What I LOVE. Leaving my footprints…

Writing. It helps be get in touch with who I am.

Organizing my life and home. Creating a clutter free space which helps me gain clarity.

Creating through my love of designing graphics, cards, handmade gifts and painting.

Connecting with friends, themed party planning, and entertaining with a twist.

Researching holistic and healthy living to make healthier choices for a healthier life.

Meditation, spiritual healing, Reiki, space clearing, being still and listening to my thoughts which brings forth my truest self.

My Daily Rituals…

I find serenity and calm in my morning meditations, being still and listening to the silence. Believer in starting every morning with candle light, a cup of warm water with honey, and being alone with my thoughts. It really starts my day off on a positive note and continues to give back the entire day.

Planning my week on Sunday so I know exactly what I should be concentrating on which eliminates time wasters. I am a firm believer in “Eating the Frog” first thing in the morning after meditating. Because if you don’t do the hard stuff first thing, you’ll never fell like you are accomplishing anything.

Weekly tips for Simplifying your Life and Home