Unsubscribing and Decluttering Your Inbox

This weekly tip is one of my favorites and the reason why it is #1 on my list. What better time to declutter your inbox then at the start of this “new beginnings” year!

It may sound scary at first. I know, you may be saying to yourself “but I’ll be missing out on some valuable information right”? Maybe, maybe not. But at what cost are you willing to have the overwhelming number of unnecessary emails in your inbox taking up your valuable time? Emails that may no longer serve you. Emails that you hit delete even before reading the first line of text.

Take control of your inbox and your time by automatically, before you hit “delete” on the email, scroll down and hit “unsubscribe”. If you feel you don’t want to loose contact with that site, then start a running list of sites you may want to visit at a later time. I keep this list on Evernote. And I have to say I haven’t revisited that list. But I know it’s there just in case.

Remember, if it’s certain articles that you are interested in, you can always do a Google search when the time is right and you need the information instead of the other way around. There is a thing called information overload and it can be frustrating. And even though you don’t realize it, this is one of the reasons why you don’t read every newsletter that comes across your screen. If you do, then you need to work out a system to move those emails to another designated inbox so you can review them at a time that is more convenient for you.

This is such a simple tip that it will take you no time to master. Every day when you open your email make it a point to unsubscribe to those emails that no longer serve you.

I will be expanding on other ways to simplify your inbox in another post. Until then, clear the clutter, unsubscribe and get lost time back in your life!