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3 Ways To Relieve Stress While In The Shower

Catchy title I know, but I wanted to get your attention.

We spend a good amount of time in the shower. Maybe I’m speaking from a woman’s perspective, but I think there are some men too that take longer than a 5-minute shower.

Even if you aren’t spending much time in the shower, there is time to do some relaxing, unwinding, and a little meditation while standing under the streaming warm water.

Before I get to the 3 exercises you can do in the shower to relieve stress, I would like to recommend before you get in the shower to dry brush your body. Dry brushing helps shed dead skin cells which result in smoother and brighter skin. It has too many benefits to list here in this post so I’ll save that for another post.

You are probably thinking that your mornings are already hurried but if you have 5 minutes to dry brush your body before hopping in the shower your skin will feel amazing.

Now on to the 3 exercises you can do in the shower to help relieve stress.

1) Conditioning your hair. Instead of paying attention to just your hair and combing out the tangles, take a minute or two to massage your scalp. Close your eyes and massage your entire scalp. The same type of massage you get at the salon, only you are controlling the pressure and areas that need massaging. Use one hand for each side of your head and run your fingers from the back of your neck to the top of your scalp. Apply pressure all the way. Pull your fingers down towards your thumb and at the same time pull your thumb towards your fingers. Do that several times, slowly. Remember this is supposed to be relaxing. You can then use your thumb to massage the back of your neck and up to the back of your head. Move your fingers to the top of your head again and massage the top and around your temples. Repeat.

2) Rinse away your troubles. Stand under your shower head with warm water hitting your head or the back of your head/shoulders. Whatever you feel comfortable with. As the water is running down from top to bottom, think about the things that you are stressed about. Visualize them being washed away from your body and down the drain. Stand for several minutes and concentrate on your worries being literally washed away. Think about the water taking your worries by the hand and leading them down into the drain. Remember to breathe.

3) Water is healing. Water stimulates the body’s natural ability to relax, and the only way a body can begin to heal is when it is in a relaxed state. From stress to muscle aches to more serious issues, I have found allowing water from a tub faucet or shower head to hit the area of concern has been life changing for me. The technique I use is fairly simple. Allow the stream of water to hit whatever area on your body that is causing issues. If it is stress, you’ll want to point it to a tense part of your body. While the water is hitting that area you will want to take a deep breath in, pulling in positive white light, healing light. Upon exhaling, you will visualize whatever you are suffering from as if it were shrinking or leaving your body. Keep doing the breathing exercise until you feel you have done enough. Your body will tell you. Visualizing is the biggest part of this exercise so really keep your mind on breathing in the good and breathing out the bad. Repeat as necessary.

Taking care of our bodies is so important to our health and well-being. Each one of the exercises above will only take a few minutes out of your day but the results will last the entire day and sometimes beyond. I hope you find time to do one or all of the above exercises and that you will feel a sense of relief from whatever is stressing you out.

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