The Power of Letting It Go!

I feel it is safe to say that in life there are good days and then there are some not so good days. On good days we can feel like we are at the top of our game. Everything goes right, and it all seems to fall into place. The not so good days may seem to get worse as the minute’s tick by. It may feel like everything is going wrong and you can’t imagine how it’s all happening to you. Before you know it something trivial happens, and by now your emotions are like a tightly wound rubber band and you snap! Everyone around you is left to wonder what happened. Even you.

Sound familiar? Trying to explain your behavior may frustrate you even more. Blaming others for how you feel isn’t going to help you either. You may think you’re not letting things bother you, but if you find them piling up to where you feel stressed and overwhelmed then maybe you should think again. Over analyzing or over thinking about a situation that happened, rehashing what was said, assuming or feeling wronged, are signs of not letting go.

I like to explain why we could be hanging on to certain situations this way. Think of your problem, issue or frustration as a piece of paper. After someone upsets you, you may walk away but not before you have made a mental note on the paper of what just happened. You tell yourself to let it go but you’ve already placed your feelings on this piece of paper that you have now folded up and tucked safely into your pocket. In your mind, you’ve moved on. At any time, however, you can pull this piece of paper out and read the problem again, wondering what went wrong, why someone hurt you, or why you were treated so poorly. You rehash it all in your head, over and over again. This is essentially what you are doing when you don’t let things go. You revisit the emotions like you would revisit the piece of paper.

One day I was listening to Joel Osteen about letting things go. He mentioned that we can’t just toss our worries aside and expect them to go away. What he suggested is that we have a funeral for what is weighing us down. Give them a proper burial and say our goodbye’s for good. He goes on to say that digging those worries up would not be the best idea because something that has been buried for a while will start to smell. And if we dig those worries up we will start to stink as well. Who wants to be around a smelly person? His analogy made me laugh because he’s right. Not letting things go brings negativity into your life. And constantly digging up the past makes you one smelly toxic person and no one will want to be around you.

I’m not suggesting you let everything roll off like water on a duck’s back. You need to pick your battles. The issues that mean the most to you and are non-negotiables. You can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you react to what happens to you. Have a funeral for what is weighing you down, forgive yourself and the person who caused the problem. Say goodbye once and for all and move on. Find your way into a less stressful and more simple life by letting things go for good.

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