What are you Avoiding?

What are you avoiding in life?

Do you find yourself in a rut, wanting to do more, see your friends more often, exercise, have some alone time? But when the opportunity comes up, you make excuses not to do it? This is a common feeling I have noticed through conversations I have had with my group of friends. We tend to put everything else before our own needs. Our career, family, children, spouse, you name it. It’s all right there, above taking care of our own needs.

Occasionally putting your needs above others and finding “me” time is a good thing. You can start by changing your daily habits, your thought process and what you think should be taken care of first. If you take tiny steps in changing your daily routine you will eventually find time to do the things you want to do and to feed your own wants and desires.

Here are a few examples that can help you find little bits of “me” time.

Meditate. Take 5 minutes after you wake up in the morning to meditate. Sit comfortably in a chair, I prefer the floor as I feel more grounded. Concentrate on your breathing. If your mind wonders, which it will, go back to concentrating on your breathing. For those new to meditation, concentrating on your breathing means listening to your breathing. Clearing your mind will help you make better choices and decisions throughout the day.

Read a book, watch a favorite tv show for a half hour, or read a magazine. If you like to read, try and read one chapter a day. If it’s a tv show, try and record it so you can skip through the commercials. For a magazine, if you feel you can’t finish an article, flip over the corner of the page and return to it the next day. It may not seem like much right now but it’s a start.

Exercise. I have been amazed by all of the positive affects a little bit of exercise has had on my life. I feel so much better about myself, I am more motivated and I am eating more healthy. If you can push yourself out the door and go to the gym, you will be glad you did. If you are having a hard time making that step, think about exercising everyday even if you don’t go. Eventually you will start going. Also, don’t put pressure on yourself to say you have to work out everyday or for a certain amount of time. Remember, small steps. A good way to keep on track is to try and not let 3 days go by without any type of exercise.

So back to the question “What are you avoiding in life”? Is it meeting your friends, having time for yourself? You can fill in the blank. When the opportunity comes up to do something you enjoy, do you make an excuse not to do it? It could be that you feel you have so many other things on your plate that you just can’t find the time to put aside for this activity. Here is your aha moment… The very thing you are avoiding is exactly what you need to be doing. These are the things that feed your soul and make life better and happier. So ask yourself “what am I avoiding in my life”? This is exactly what you need to be doing right now. Be aware of your excuses and call them out. Make changes in your daily routine to allow for the things that you desire most. It’s okay to do that. Start the process today. As long as you are moving forward every step counts no matter how big.